High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

Disney Plus produced a spin-off of the original High School Musical movies, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, which gained popularity throughout Longhorn students experiencing childhood nostalgia and enthusiasm. 

Lambert students have become attached to the characters in this show for various reasons. Callie Skipper, an 11th grader, expressed that Ricky was her favorite due to his inspiring personality shift. She exclaimed that she “likes his character development as he starts out judgmental of the theatre and only joins for Nini, but grows to find himself and a new passion.” 

Unlike Callie’s wise response, Emma Pestorious and Kendall Page both stated, with all seriousness, they loved Ricky because he was “very good looking and hot.” 

Sunjana Das had a soft spot for Courtney, as she found her kindness out of this world since Courtney “is a supportive friend to Nini and has a huge heart.” Lambert students have strong views on the characters from this show.

When asked what their favorite moment from the series, most said that it was in the last episode when the main character, Ricky, professed his love. This scene was especially loved since Joshua Bassett improvised the scene.

“Obviously the best scene is when Ricky and Nini get together in the end.” An anonymous teacher said.  

Another fan was inspired by a female empowerment scene. “When Nini is in her room alone and she is writing songs and it is very inspiring because she is writing songs for herself and not for anyone else,” Callie Skipper said. 

Disney has announced that the show is renewed for a second season, and fans are excited to see what happens to their favorite characters since the show ended on a cliffhanger. Below are some predictions for next season.

“I hope that Nini goes to the arts school because I think it would be a good opportunity for her and I don’t want her to be held back by a boy.” Sunjana Das said. 

Others are just happy the show is returning. 

“I hope that the characters return and they don’t mess with the plot.” Kathryn Kuchinski said. 

The show was renewed for season two in October of last year, but the release date has not come out yet. The show stars Joshua Bassett and Olivia Rodrigo, and will continue to keep the audience on their seats.