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Screenshot of the trailer for the Barbie Movie. ( Warner Bros)

Everything We Know About The Upcoming Barbie Movie

Ashley Choi, Section Editor May 19, 2023

On July 23rd, Warner Bros has set to release “The Barbie Movie”. Featuring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, the movie focuses on the retro aspects of a personified Barbie World. However, trailers and...

Strikers picket outside of Netflix offices on May 2nd. (Courtesy of

Our Favorite TV Shows Are In Trouble: How Writers Affect Hollywood

Ankita Jaikumar, Staff Writer May 19, 2023

On May 2, the Hollywood Writers Strike began between the Writers Guild of America (WGA)  and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP). Starting as a 6-week-long negotiation process...

Art of Queen Charlotte from “Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story,” (DJ Kaur)

Queen Charlotte

Divjot Kaur and Bisan Malhotra May 18, 2023

A prequel to the fantasy Bridgerton world, “Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story,” released on Netflix on May 4th, and fans are in love with it. Set before the two Bridgerton seasons in a fictional...

Official art for “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom”, which releases May 12. (Nintendo)

Tears of the Kingdom leaks

Joshua Mui, Staff Writer May 12, 2023

On May 1, copies of the new, highly-anticipated video game “Tears of the Kingdom” leaked to the public almost 2 weeks before the official release date. The game’s files were then copied and released...

The cocaine bear itself, seconds after mauling a person (as shown in the movie “Cocaine Bear”)

Cocaine Bear: Hit or Flop?

Divjot Kaur, Staff Writer May 12, 2023

What more could a bear want than a duffel bag full of cocaine? Turns out the answer is multiple duffel bags of cocaine. The comedy-horror film “Cocaine Bear” showcases an American black bear that overdosed...

Darcey Reid (Middle) as Daisy on the opening night performance of Lambert’s “The Great Gatsby.” Shot by Patrick Marcigliano on May 4th, 2023. @marciglianophotography on Instagram.

From Page to Stage: Darcey Reid’s rendition of Daisy Buchanan

Chinwe Okonkwo and Samantha Nyazema May 11, 2023

This past weekend junior Darcey Reid breathed life into literature with her role of Daisy Buchanan in the play adaptation of the Classic American novel, The Great Gatsby.  Darcey Reid has been involved...

A picture taken from the crowd of Frank Ocean’s Coachella concert, with the stage barely visible in the bottom right. Taken by Katonya Breaux on April 16th, 2023.

Frank Ocean’s Comeback Made a Splash, But there’s Rough Waters Ahead

Chitvan Singh, Staff Writer April 27, 2023

Frank Ocean’s music career has been nothing short of a rollercoaster. In 2012, Frank Ocean, new to the music scene as a ghostwriter, released his first studio album, “Channel Orange.” Instantly,...

Screenshot of HBO’s series “Velma”

Reboots, Revivals and Remakes, Oh My!

Ashley Choi, Arts & Entertainment Editor April 10, 2023

Every year, countless original franchises are remade, and 2023 is no exception. Phineas and Ferb, Barbie and The Little Mermaid are only a few examples of programs that have been announced to be reintroduced...

Spotify’s New AI DJ

Spotify’s New AI DJ

Joshua Mui, Staff Writer March 30, 2023

Earlier this year, Spotify released a new feature called “DJ” that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to select music alongside a virtual DJ giving occasional commentary. The feature was implemented...

AP Dhillon performing at the 2023 Juno Awards- taken from his Instagram account on March 14, 2023

AP Dhillon’s Intro to the 2023 Juno Awards and Backlash

Divjot Kaur, Staff Writer March 28, 2023

Dhillon was the first Punjabi singer ever to perform at the 2023 Juno Awards in Edmonton, Alberta. This is a step towards increasing inclusivity and bringing artists with exciting messages to inspire larger...

Pictures were taken on March 18th, from the Lambert Band website.

Creating Community Through Music: The Lambert Drum Line

Ankita Jaikumar, Staff Writer March 23, 2023

The Lambert Drumline is a microcosm of community. Hard work, talent and skill all live in the Lambert Drum line but what sets them apart is the friendships and growth that occur throughout the drum line...

Picture from Melanie Martinez’s teaser for portals, taken from her Instagram

End of an Era: Melanie Martinez

Sanhita Chatterjee, Staff Writer March 23, 2023

Melanie Martinez is an alternative music artist who was previously featured in season 3 of “The Voice,” a singing competition show. Renowned for her hard-hitting message in her songs and attention...

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