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Journalism Application

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We are so happy you are considering joining the Lambert Journalism staff.  We are a super group of kids who work together as a team to produce the Lambert Post, Lambert’s award-winning online newspaper.  We are serious about this course.  We win awards.  We work hard to be the best we can be.  We are seeking like-minded individuals who believe they have something of value to offer our staff.  Although we work as a team, each of us offers unique talents to the staff, so we’re looking for folks who are strong individuals, who feel they have something to add, who aren’t afraid to let their voices be heard.


Additionally, if you have great artistic and design talents, this course might be a good fit for you and your professional goals; film and photography skills coupled with an artist’s eye are welcomed.  We design the online school newspaper’s website using a WordPress platform as well as the most up-to-date Adobe Creative Suite software.  You will learn a great deal about writing in this course – not only from a straight journalistic perspective but also from a creative, artistic perspective.  If you are interested in a course that provides you a myriad of opportunities to write across a wide variety of genres with a multi-media approach, this is a course you should consider.  You will have the space to create, and your voice will be heard.  Becoming a part of this staff means you are a part of something important.  You’ll cherish your time on the journalism staff.  Whether you want to be a great journalist or the next great American novelist, this course is for you.


Finally, taking this course just makes sense.  It’s a core elective, so your final grade is calculated into your Hope Scholarship average.  The majority of folks who work hard and meet their deadlines in this course make A’s or high B’s.   As long as you remain focused in class, there’s little to no homework, and you’ll have the chance to take on leadership positions.  It is also part of the Fine Arts Pathway and offers you access to National, Regional, and Local honor societies, scholarships, and contests.  That’s something to sing about on any college application.  This course provides folks with real-world skills, access to training with some high level technology, and a space to explore their creative talents.  We hope you decide to join us!

Video by Olivia Pastore

Applications should be completed and turned in to Ms. Rose (or completed online) by January 26 in room 3005.  Please be advised, when registering for your courses, you will not be able to place yourself in the journalism program.  The staff will contact you as to your acceptance status.  You will register for all electives (consider them alternate electives).  Don’t leave an elective blank – if accepted, you will be placed in journalism by the administrative team.  Please email me if you have any questions as to your application status.  [email protected]

  • Online Journalism Application (if you prefer to type your entire application and submit online, this is a user-friendly form, just don’t forget to also print the teacher recommendation form and give to your teacher in a timely fashion).
  • Teacher Recommendation Form (it is a requirement to have an English teacher complete this recommendation form — it is due by January 26).
  • Lambert Journalism Application (if you want to print and complete by hand — be sure to bring by Ms. Rose’s room by January 26).