Pages or Scenes?

A set of books.

A set of books.

Abby Patterson, Staff Writer

There will always be an open-ended debate about whether books or movies are more entertaining. I will always support the debate for books. Books leave their characters to the imagination. They can look however you like. It is like a movie that you have some control over. Also, movies are limited to a certain extent of time while books could go on for eternity, if one wanted. The phrase “books are movies inside your head” implies that movies are more enjoyable than books.

Have you ever noticed that some of the most infamous movies were based off of a book? There is a reason why. Someone felt that more people should know the story, even if they refuse to read. Someone wrote a story adaptation of the book out to make the story an appropriate length. Sometimes when people see the movie, they leave the theater wanting to read the book. The full story is otherwise lost.

Books have purpose; some have lessons to be learned and wisdoms to be told and others just tell a story. More often than not, big name movie industries just want to make money. An author does not write thinking about how many big box-office draws they can come up with. They write to inspire the world and to share experiences and ideas. Authors can write wherever and whenever they like. They do not need a team of 100 people to create a book. They only need one person to inspire.