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This flag is used as a representation of the community present at GSA.

Gay Straight Alliance rebooted at Lambert

The Lambert GSA (Gay/Straight Alliance) has technically existed for years. A charter, a necessity to start a club here at school, sponsored by a faculty member, already was filed and listed on the school website. GSA had been active here for over a year but fell apart. The former President left high school a few years back and the entire organization went silent due a lack of planning for continuation.

Current President, senior, Lauren Pan, sought out what was necessary to reboot the club, as she had been wanting since her sophomore year. “I made contact with the sponsors like Ms. DiCarro, Ms. Noles… and really, since the charter was already there, we just had to make sure we had enough people interesting in this to make it successful.” The first step when restarting was ensuring that it had the support to continue in the following school year, as President, Lauren Pan, and Senior Vice President, Riley Findley, are both in their final year of high school.

When asked what she would like the club to accomplish Lauren said: “It’s a way for people to find each other. You have all these grades: freshmen, sophomore, junior, senior, and with a school this big it can hard to meet up with people with common interest, traits, and social groups.” This sentiment is shared with members, such as freshman Sara Cochrane, who said she was interesting in GSA because “it’s interesting to learn more about that stuff and be involved with other people.”

Club meetings are held every other Wednesday, in room 6004, at 7:45 A.M.

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