The Lambert Post


When Lambert High School opened in 2009, The Lambert Post was first introduced to the student body. The Lambert Post began as a printed newspaper that was released several times a year and distributed amongst Lambert’s population. The original post included 5 sections: News, Features, Opinions, Sports, and Center Stage. In addition to the regular newspapers, the Post also published a freshman issue and a senior magazine. During the formative years of the publication, several traditions were established, such as Cookie Wednesdays and a celebration for every released issue. The program grew and became more popular under former Lambert teacher Ali Baltodano, who taught Lambert’s journalism class until 2014.

At the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year, Mrs. Baltodano moved to Miami, Florida, leaving English teacher Kim Driscoll as the new journalism teacher. In 2014, the staff members of The Lambert Post decided that to stay relevant as a source of entertainment for the student body, it was time to move the newspaper to an online website. The Journalism class designed a brand new website, and was born.

The first year using the new website was not without its struggles, as transferring to a digital format took some getting used to. Although the staff writers were publishing their stories online, the stories were being released sporadically, as if The Lambert Post was still a print newspaper. The first year online was a time of transition for the publication, and it would take one more year to get it up and running.

In 2015, Mrs. Clori Rose, another English teacher, transferred to Lambert from North Forsyth High School to become the adviser of Lambert’s journalism class and held that position until 2017, when she transferred to South Forsyth High School. Under Mrs. Rose’s guidance, the online website expanded and became more sophisticated. Many new sections were added, and the staff started posting articles regularly, keeping the site filled with relevant stories and breaking news.

The 2016-2018 adviser, Mrs. Espy, was an English teacher at LHS from 2012 to 2018. 

The new adviser, Ms. Pittaluga, started at Lambert in 2017. She became the advisor for The Lambert Post in the fall of 2018. During this year, The Lambert Post moved from a class to a club. In the 2019 school year, Journalism became a class again! Ms. Pittaluga is excited to see the program flourish!

Although the faces of the journalism program has changed and the newspaper has undergone an extensive makeover, the traditions that made journalism a unique class remain, making it one of the most interesting classes offered at Lambert. The Post, like the Longhorn Pride chant and the walk before football games, has become an integral facet of the culture of Lambert High School, and will hopefully continue bringing interesting and accurate stories to the students and staff of Lambert for many years to come.

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