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2016-2017 Staff

Mahima Siripurapu


Mahima Siripurapu is a senior this year at Lambert High School. She is a proud pro-dog/anti-cat activist who has two furry friends of her own. The aforementioned furry friends hate Mahima for never taking them on walks. She ignores...

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Hannah Kim

Senior Editor

There are many labels to describe Hannah Kim: a devoted Christian, a beloved daughter, an older sister, a stressed senior, an aspiring author, a silly friend, and so many more. In her spare time (which she doesn't have a lot of),...

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Elizabeth Findley

Associate Editor

Elizabeth Findley is just your everyday 17-year-old Harry Potter fanatic and carrot enthusiast. On most days, you can find her in her room listening to music or watching YouTube videos and the same episodes of Glee over and over...

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Nethra Pillai

Online Editor

 Nethra Pillai is a sophomore at Lambert and she is determined to make her first year with Lambert Post successful. Her lifelong goal is to make a mark on the world by educating and helping others through writing. She is an a...

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Jackson Matray

News Editor

Jackson Matray is someone who loves to play music, whether it be the piano or the guitar. He spends his free time browsing youtube or Netflix and he has a passion for dank memes. He enjoys spending time around the schoo...

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Quinn Forney

Features Editor

A junior at Lambert High School, this is Quinn Forney’s second year on the staff at the Post. They play violin in the Lambert Orchestra. In addition, they're the student leader of the Lambert Hockey Club, and play hockey at...

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Colin Masterson

Sports Editor

Colin Masterson is a senior at Lambert High School and is extremely excited to begin his first year writing for the Lambert Post. Along with being the Sports Editor for the Post, Colin is also a writer for his ow...

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Cayla Vanderzanden

Opinion Editor

Cayla Vanderzanden is thrilled to be entering her junior year, focusing on flourishing as an upperclassman. The centermost part of her life revolves around her friends and family. She prides herself on being a sunset enthusiast...

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Sarah Sander

Resident Artist

Sarah is a junior at Lambert High School. This is her first year in journalism, but she loves to write and create art. She hopes to get into an art university in the future. You can often find her reading or obsessing over fictional...

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Emma North

Photography Editor

Emma North is a constantly moving, somewhat witty, organized mess with a love for puns, poetry, and photography. She just about always has something to say but more often than not keeps to herself. She loves to dance and sing,...

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Kelly Yoon

Social Media Lead

Kelly Yoon is a junior at Lambert, marking her third year on staff of the Lambert Post. She was a news editor last year, which helped to develop herself as a better writer with a variety of writing skills. She quickly fell in...

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Madeline Parris

Social media lead

Maddie Parris is currently in her junior year here at Lambert. She particpates in student council, latin club, the mentoring program, and of course the Lambert Post. In the future she plans to move to New York City to pursue dance. twitter:...

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Cameron Adamczyk

Staff Writer

Cameron Adamczyk is a senior at Lambert and this is his second year writing for the school newspaper. In addition to the Lambert Post, Cameron also writes for the Forsyth County News as a sports writer and is the Edito...

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Skylar Aledia

Staff Writer

Skylar Aledia (aka Gatorsky) is a junior at Lambert High School. She enjoys being able to participate in a variety of things, and in doing so, finding herself in the process. She is thrilled to add the Lambert Post to her repertoire,...

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Emma Bryant

Staff Writer

Emma Bryant is a junior at Lambert, and this is her first year writing for The Lambert Post. She aspires to live boldly and positively, and her life motto is “love God, love people, follow Jesus”. She has always loved reading...

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Patrick Bullock

Staff Writer

Patrick Bullock is new to The Lambert Post and is thrilled to be apart of the team this year. He is a spontaneous and creative young man and enjoys the art of writing. Patrick is always looking for ways to spread h...

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Shreya Desai

Staff Writer

Shreya Desai is a junior this year at Lambert High School and a rookie on the Journalism team. Aspiring to some day be writing for big journalistic science-related corporations, she wishes to expand her literary skills through...

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Justin Gibbs-Poe

Staff Writer

Justin Gibbs-Poe is looking forward to a year where he has the opportunity to meet new people and learn how to write and report. With the additional weight of extracurricular, school, work, and sports, he is stretche...

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Zain Hyath

Staff Writer

As a senior, Zain decided to do something with his life and joined the Lambert post. As the prettiest staff member of the team, he has a lot to live up to. Zain enjoys boxing and aspires to go pro once he starts...

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Eric Kim

Staff writer

Once a proud Norseman, and a passionate representative of his school for both basketball and golf, Eric was plucked from his hometown in New Jersey and thrown behind the bars of Lambert High School.  He now find...

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Bryan McKnight

Staff Writer

Bryan McKnight is a senior at Lambert High School, but a mere rookie to the Lambert Post team. When he’s not researching or writing articles, Bryan can be found watching and cheering like a maniac for Pittsburgh sports teams...

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Amanda Merritt

Staff Writer

Amanda is bubbly, light-hearted, music-loving senior who is excited for her first year on the Journalism staff. She is excited to learn more about the art of writing as well as sharing her passion through the Lambert Post. Along...

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Ansley Mitchell

Staff Writer

Ansley Mitchell is a daughter, sister, friend, leader, and singer. When she isn't snuggled up watching The Office with her cat, you can usually find her spending time with her family and friends. She has a habit of overbooking...

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Christine Park

Staff Writer

Christine Park is a junior at Lambert who is excited to start her journey in journalism. This is her first year on staff and she is looking forward to a great year where she can create many new bonds and project h...

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Nick Schwarzmann

Staff Writer

Nick Schwarzmann is a senior at Lambert. This is his first year on the Lambert Post staff, and he is thrilled to join such an incredibly talented and decorated group of young journalists. Nick has previously written for Dawn of...

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Allie Tatoy

Staff Writer

Allie Tatoy is a sarcastic, nerdy mess of a freshman eager to join many clubs at Lambert, including journalism. She is a reporter for the Lambert Post and enjoys writing, reading, poetry, Broadway, playing the piano, and long...

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