The Lambert Post

2017-2018 Staff

Nethra Pillai

Online Editor

Nethra Pillai is a junior, and it is her second year on the post. In her free time she enjoys watching Tarantino films, reading Fitzgerald, and listening to hip hop. She has been described as an "acquired taste." As an avid procrastinator,...

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Emma North

Photography Editor

Emma North is currently in her sophomore year at both LHS and The Lambert Post. She continues to have a passion for photography and will reprise her role as the photography editor for this year's staff. Emma's interest in journalism...

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Cayla Vanderzanden

Senior Editor

Cayla Vanderzanden is thrilled to be kicking off her senior year, focusing on making her last year of high school the best one yet. She strives to be the best daughter, sister, employee, and person possible. The majority of her l...

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Josh DeRoche

Staff Writer

Josh DeRoche is a freshman at Lambert who looks to find a career in Journalism. He enjoys gathering as much information on politics and sports every day. When he is not watching the news he plays basketball and hangs out with...

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Elizabeth Findley


Elizabeth Findley is an 18-year-old senior who is extremely proud to be a part of her fourth and final year on the Journalism staff as Editor-in-Chief. Her main interests include obsessing over Harry Potter, reading, listening...

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Justin Gibbs-Poe

Opinion Editor

Justin Gibbs-Poe is a senior looking forward towards yet another year where he has the opportunity to meet new people and grow as a writer. With the additional weight of extracurricular, school, work, and sports, he is stretched...

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Morgan Wood

Social Media Editor

Morgan Wood is full of life (mostly due to a latte addiction) and absolutely in love with sunshine. If she isn't secretly geeking out and watching superhero shows in the company of her cat, she is out sporting funky shoes at a...

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Lucas Kochevar

Staff Writer

A junior at Lambert, Lucas Kochevar writes for the sports section of the Lambert Post. This is very first year writing for the school website. He has been working on his own sports blog called LK Sports Talk. On that website he...

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Patrick Bullock

Features Editor

Patrick Bullock is returning to the Lambert Post staff and is thrilled to be apart of the team yet again. He is a spontaneous and creative young man and enjoys the art of writing. Patrick is always looking for ways to spread...

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Thia Haney

Staff Writer

Thia Haney has only recently graced the halls of Lambert. She appreciates art in all forms, including music and writing. Aside from school, she passes her time by reading, contemplating the universe, and enjoying the company of her...

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Christina Renzetti

Staff Writer

Christina Renzetti is a senior at Lambert High School and is ecstatic to start her first year at the Lambert Post. She firmly believes the power of a free press is vital to a democracy and looks forward to writing valuable pie...

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Jennifer Zhao

Staff Writer

Jennifer Zhao is currently in her senior year at Lambert high school and looking forward to her first year in Journalism. When Jennifer isn’t writing, she generally spends her free time reading anything she can get her hands ...

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Andrew Hampton

Staff Writer

     Andrew Hampton is currently in his Freshman year at Lambert.  He hopes to accomplish many things in his writing and improve The Lambert Post. Above all, he intends to convey a positive tone through his writing and in...

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Ananya Mehta

Staff Writer

Ananya Mehta is an affable senior who is super excited about her first year on the staff. She absolutely adores art, writing, reading, and music. She dreams of playing every musical instrument in the world, and is tackling this...

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Avery Ketcherside

Social Media Editor

Avery Ketcherside is junior here at Lambert and one of the Social Media Editors of the Lambert Post. This is Avery’s first year on the staff and she is very excited to be joining the team. Avery is a proud Slytherin who loves ...

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Sarah Sander

Resident Artist

Sarah is a Senior at Lambert High School. This is her second year in journalism. She loves to write and create art. She hopes to get into an art university in the future. You can often find her reading or obsessing over fictional ch...

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Ann Ding

Resident Artist

Ann is a senior at Lambert High School who's known for drawing and periodically having an existential crisis. She is a member of both the Art and Spanish Honor Societies at Lambert and aims to have a career in illustration or...

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Berry Choi

Staff Writer

Berry Choi is a senior this year at Lambert High School and this is her first year writing for The Lambert Post. An avid dog lover and an obligated runner, she enjoys running at local trails and parks in hopes of encountering...

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Morgan Quach

Staff Writer

Morgan Quach is a new member of Lambert's journalism team. She is currently in 9th grade, and is enjoying the new atmosphere in high school. Morgan likes to read and write, and she is particularly interested in the visual arts....

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Aniket Adhikari

News Editor

Aniket Adhikari, a senior at Lambert High School, is eager for the opportunity to jump into the Lambert Journalism team, hoping to use his passion for reading and writing to produce quality, newsworthy stories for The Post. An...

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Allie Tatoy

Associate Editor

Allie Tatoy is a sophomore and glad to finally no longer be a "freshie." She is so excited to be Associate Editor alongside such an amazing and talented staff. Friends have described her as ambitious, compassionate, quirky, bright,...

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Eric Kim Jr.

Staff Writer

Eric is a senior attending Lambert High School. As a self-proclaimed computer aficionado, he is absolutely devoted to the world of computer science, often going hours on end doing some related thing or another. There is no limit...

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