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Interesting Facts about Food

Jamie Chen

March 16, 2020

Often, we eat food without considering what exactly we are eating. However, there is a lot more to that candy or peanut butter you are devouring.  Cochineal, also known by many other names, such as carmine, Natural Red 4, or E120, is a color additive used in many food products. Artificial crab meat, sausage, yogurt, ice cream, gum, and jam are al...

Dude. Be Nice

Chaney Duskin, Sports and Entertainment Section Editor

March 16, 2020

"Dude. Be Nice" started in 2014 to inspire students to treat themselves and others better. This is a program that inspires positivity and shifts our culture to include kindness.   The club Compass is going to be running this program. The way Compass plans to do this will be giving each tea...

Change Earth: Lambert Environmental Club 

Emily Weimer, Features Staff

March 16, 2020

Change Earth is a Lambert environmental club with the purpose of convincing students to implement eco-friendly habits in their life to impact the environment. This club promotes actions over thoughts. People post on Instagram about the Australian wildfires and mourn over the loss of human and animal l...

Entomophagy: The Future Of Food?


Aaron Hsu, News Staff

March 10, 2020

Entomophagy is the practice of eating insects. Some think it’s the future of food and a protein source for a more sustainable future. Insects are already consumed by billions of people worldwide, yet insect-eating is virtually non-existent in the United States, Canada, and several European countries....

The Boomer Bingo Bug

Photo taken by Kelley Walker, a sophomore and an FCCLA officer.

Abby Settipani

March 10, 2020

The obsession that the elderly of America have with BINGO is one that will never be understood until we reach the age where BINGO is a part of every Saturday night. While this stereotype makes for great laughs, BINGO does have its benefits. It increases alertness and increases the socialization among the older residents. Lambert...

Effects of Having a Pet

Jamie Chen

March 3, 2020

Adopting a pet is an exciting and consequential decision. But before the decision is finalized, many elements need to be considered, such as the possible effects pets may have on your life. Owning a pet can lead to many positive outcomes. First, pets provide companionship and love, which can lead t...

Need an Elective?

Prateek Yadav

February 29, 2020

Course registration for the 2020-21 school year is coming up! Here are some elective options for you if you have an open period, or are just undecided on your schedule. All of these are available with no prerequisite classes, so everyone from rising Freshmen to rising Seniors can join with no prior ...

Disney’s Decisions

Abby Settipani

February 28, 2020

The Disney Corporation is worth 130 billion dollars as of 2018. The company has touched the hearts of millions through their films, both animated and live-action; their amazing theme parks; and their high-quality hospitality. The corporations have theme parks and resorts around the world, including Paris,...

Why the Em Dash Not Being Easily Accessible on the Keyboard is a Crime Against Humanity and Anyone Arguing Otherwise Deserves the Penalty of Death (SATIRE)

Aaron Hsu, News Section Editor

February 26, 2020

The em dash (—)  is a commonly used punctuation with many everyday applications, but it fails to find itself represented on your typical keyboard layout. Even on mobile phone keyboards, with their 2 page punctuation section, the em dash fails to be included. With all the versatile uses of the em da...

President’s Day: The Most Complex Holiday

Cara Radosevich

February 24, 2020

President’s Day commemorates the birthdays of all presidents but is significant for different reasons to the states. The third Monday of February, when President’s Day is observed, is close to George Washington’s birthday- February 22nd. Every year after his death, it became a day of remembra...

Teens in Real Life

Abby Settipani and Jimena Ruano

February 13, 2020

Teen Dramas are a captivating side of television that follows the lives of teens and their reckless behavior. Shows like 90210 Beverly Hills, Gossip Girl, Friday Night Lights, and The OC highlight the exciting lives of high school students. These shows, while spectacularly entertaining, are unrealistic for...

The Haunted Peach

Cara Radosevich

February 13, 2020

If you need a vibe check, here are some good-old, Georgian day trip ideas for you. The Georgia Guidestones, located in Elbert County, enumerate 10 rules to repair society. One is that humanity should not exceed five million people. A man under the alias “R.C. Christian” funded this massive pro...