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Humans of Lambert: Dylan Biehl

Picture of Dylan Biehl at the Milton High School Football Game, (Raul Ramirez/The Lambert Post)

Lambert High School has always been an environment that nurtures exceptional students, who move on to achieve great feats with the skills they acquired while attending the school. One of the very talented students there is sophomore Dylan Biehl, who is a starting offensive tackle on the Lambert Varsity Football team. 

Dylan not only plays football but excels in it as the sport is one of his main focuses throughout high school. The hard work he puts in both on and off the field resulted in multiple offers from colleges as a sophomore. 

“Right now I have seven Division 1 football scholarship offers from Georgia Tech, Duke, Miami, South Florida, Florida Atlantic, Georgia State and Indiana,” Biehl stated. “I think it’s because we had a good season as a team and a lot of colleges have been noticing my highlight reels being top of the line and elite for my age and position, so it’s been very fortunate.”

As Biehl continues throughout high school, he will only improve, resulting in the possibility of more offers. He also has peers around him going through a similar journey, which helps him navigate the multiple colleges’ offers. 

“There are other people at our school who have offers as well,” Biehl began. “And they’re kind of exploring accomplishable paths, so there are a lot of people at Lambert who are pursuing college football.”

As of right now, Biehl’s top choices are the University of Miami, the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and the University of Oregon. Biehl is still a sophomore and cannot sign the National Letter of Intent until he is a junior or senior. 

“It’s one of things where they offer you a scholarship and in a few years’ time you can be a part of the team,” Biehl started. “But you can verbally commit, but it’s one of those things where you can break it yourself, or they can break it, so it’s easier to get out of.”

Another situation that arises with Biehl being a sophomore is that coaches cannot communicate with him directly unless he is on their campus until he is a junior or senior. This means that coaches communicate with Coach Beach, the Lambert football coach, who then relays the message to Biehl, which can make the process complicated at times. 

To keep up with the maintenance of being a competitive player and continue receiving offers, it is important to do things to stay in good shape both on and off the field. 

“I eat a lot and condition and run on my own,” Biehl explained. “We lift weights at school, but I also lift weights on my own and do workouts in my room or in the gym.”

Biehl also will go onto the field and practice drills to work on important skills, and he watches film whenever he can. 

“I think it’s really important to dedicate yourself every single day in any way,” Biehl stated. “Maybe it’s not going 100% one day just having a mental day learning about the game.”

It is also important to keep up his academics, especially in academically rigorous schools. You have to be accepted into the school to be able to play for them. Although it is slightly easier for talented athletes, having a good school-sport balance is essential. 

Biehl also has a very clear goal of what he wants to do in the future beyond college football. 

“For me, playing for the NFL (National Football League) would be a dream come true, but it’s not my end-all-be-all,” Biehl began. “One of my big dreams is to become a sports agent after playing football, and that’s kind of why I want to go to law school and get into that [agency] world.”

Biehl recognizes that there is much more to football than meets the eye, and that aspect of the business and financials draws him into the potential job opportunities in the field. That is why it is important for Biehl to keep up his academic profile and build his character as an individual both on and off the field.

Outside of school and football, Biehl enjoys walking his dogs and swimming, along with playing sports games like “Madden.”

“I think my advice [to anyone in the sports field] is to have fun,” Biehl stated. “I think the most important thing in life in general is to keep things not so serious. Whether that’s sports or music or drama, school or whatever, just keep having fun in your life and enjoy it.”

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