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The student news site of Lambert High School

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The student news site of Lambert High School

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An example of the seasonal drinks found at Lambert Branding Company. (Lambert Branding Company)

LBCO Seasonal Drinks

Ashley Choi and Shriya Buche November 20, 2023

From warm lattes to refreshing lemonade, Lambert Branding Company (LBCO) is known for their delicious drinks. Longhorns will be excited to hear that LBCO is launching several new seasonal drinks in celebration...

Notes have expanded past being handwritten with the introduction of online note-taking applications (Justin Hwang), October 30, 2023.

Handwritten vs. Online Notes

Justin Hwang, Staff Writer November 10, 2023

Taking notes is an essential part of being a student. Here at Lambert, many classes require thorough note-taking. As considerable amounts of knowledge are covered in difficult classes, some students have...

University Of North Georgia Dual Enrollment flyer (University of North Georgia)

Dual Enrollment vs AP Classes – Which One Should You Take?

Ashley Choi, Opinion Editor November 10, 2023

Lambert students are known for their drive towards academic excellence, and the classes they take reflect just that. To challenge themselves, many students have the option to take certain subjects as either...

Student drivers park in Lambert’s gym parking lot before school (Chitvan Singh/The Lambert Post)

Is 16 Too Young for Teens to Drive?

Chitvan Singh, Senior Editor November 10, 2023

In most states, including Georgia, teenagers can drive by themselves at the age of 16. Many Lambert students are getting their learner’s permit at 15 and restricted license at 16, so they’re on the...

This is an image of this year’s LaLo Fest flyer. (Shriya Buche/The Lambert Post)

Opinions on this Year’s Homecoming Theme

Shriya Buche, Staff Writer October 5, 2023

This year, Lambert’s Student Government Association (SGA) is excited to announce the theme for LaLo Fest 2023: The Wild West. LaLo Fest will be held on October 7 from 7-10 p.m.     This...

The Lambert Mock Trial team poses for a picture on competition day (photo taken by Divjot Kaur), February 4th, 2023.

Mock Trial vs Model UN: Which Club Is Right for You?

Justin Hwang, Staff Writer October 5, 2023

Lambert is known for having a large number of clubs. Two such clubs, Mock Trial and Model UN (United Nations), are popular amongst the student body due to the opportunities each presents. When it comes...

Lambert football players surround the television screen (The Lambert Post), November 2022.

The Unprecedented Impact of Climate Change on Sports

Justin Hwang, Staff Writer October 5, 2023

Georgia is no stranger to hot days. Ever since the early 20th century, Georgia often faced influxes in climate. Although this may seem insignificant, the sequence of events that follow this shift can result...

Caption: Lambert’s Gym parking lot predominantly occupied by students. (Ashley Choi/Lambert Post)

Bumpy Roads for Lambert Students

Ashley Choi, Opinion Editor September 22, 2023

The day a student gets their license is one of the most memorable moments in their life. The ability to cruise roads while blasting their favorite music is now at an arm’s reach. The dream towards independence...

The image shows Freshman Naisha Sinha and Freshman Agamya Jain on their phones. Smartphones are a revolutionary piece of technology, but they can cause students to become distant. Eera Ingle/The Lambert Post

Are Smartphones a Problem in Classrooms?

Eera Ingle, Staff Writer September 13, 2023

Most lives revolve around a simple yet complicated piece of technology: the smartphone. It is used to call friends, text family and take photos and videos. However, there is a divide between people who...

Cheating has taken many forms, whether it be assignments, quizzes or tests. (Justin Hwang/The Lambert Post), September 6, 2023.

Lambert’s Cheating Epidemic

Justin Hwang, Staff Writer September 6, 2023

Lambert is known for having some of the most academically high-reaching and scoring students in Forsyth County and the state of Georgia. But how many of these grades are honestly achieved? In a study done...

Opposing sides protest on the issue of affirmative action. (Anna Moneymaker / Getty Images)

A Future Without Affirmative Action

Ashley Choi, Opinion Editor August 25, 2023

Many seniors at Lambert are aware of how seemingly uncertain and random the college admissions process is. Recently, the unpredictability of college admissions increased further when the Supreme Court...

This is an image of a student, Rachna Murugula, and teacher, Mrs. Kuroski, working together on an AP Precalculus assignment. Taken by Shriya Buche on 8/23/23.

AP Precalculus: Love it or Hate It, it’s Here to Stay

Shriya Buche, Staff Writer August 24, 2023

Recently, math lovers rejoiced after the College Board announced that they will be introducing a new course, AP Precalculus, into their vast list of Advancement Placement classes. Although this felt like...

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