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Starting the Soccer Season with Coach Wilson

HANNAH KENYON, Sports Editor February 26, 2021

Coach Wilson gave life to the establishment of Lambert’s soccer program and continues to oversee its various accomplishments. He led his team to two back-to-back state championships in 2018 and 2019...

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Nets Give a Warm Welcome to Harden

HANNAH KENYON, Sports Editor February 11, 2021

James Harden is a constant topic of many basketball-related conversations because of his controversial playing style that is offense driven and draws fouls. He is currently receiving a lot of media attention...

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Stephen A. Smith: The Diverting and Bombastic Voice of ESPN and Sports

HANNAH KENYON, Sports Editor February 3, 2021

Stephen Anthony Smith is known for being very vocal and having a strong, eccentric personality for ESPN. He has gained the most recognition for his show, “First Take”, which he hosts with Max Kellerman...

Photo via lamberthoops Twitter,  taken on December 1, 2020, some rights reserved,

Lambert Basketball Off to a Successful Season!

TAYLOR PETROFSKI, Sports Staff December 1, 2020

Lambert High School began their 2020-2021 basketball season last week. Collecting multiple wins across both the Boys and Girls programs, the Longhorns appear poised for another successful season.   ...

Indiana’s game-winning, overtime touchdown. Photo by Abby Drey, taken on October 24, 2020, Some rights reserved,

Penn State Starts Season 0-3 After AP Top-10 Preseason Ranking

TAYLOR PETROFSKI, Sports Staff November 9, 2020

Winning the 2019 Liv Mas Student Section of the Year Award, the Penn State Nittany Lions have a very dedicated fanbase, which explains why many have awaited the Lion’s return to the field since their...

Photo by David Roberts, taken on August 20, 2020, Some rights reserved,

Ending the Volleyball Season With a Bang

HANNAH KENYON, Sports Editor November 5, 2020

The Lambert volleyball team has made this season one to remember and did not go down without a fight. For the first time since 2016, Lambert stuck it out until the Final Four tournament. With an outstanding...

Photo by David Roberts, taken on October 23, 2020, Some rights reserved,

A Football Game Out of this World

HANNAH KENYON, Sports Editor October 26, 2020

The Longhorns put up a good fight, but ended up suffering a tough loss on Friday night. With a majorly reduced starting line-up due to seven starters being in self isolation and running back Harrison Peyton...

Photo taken by Parker Anderson, taken on September 25, 2011, Some rights reserved,

Is the Touchdown Worth the Trauma

HANNAH KENYON, Sports Editor October 12, 2020

Whether they like to admit it or not, football fans love to see their favorite team clobber the opposing team. The praise and applause from the crowd last minutes, while the effects from those hard hits...

Photo by Steve Watkins, taken October 2, 2020, Some rights reserved,

Longhorns Lose 14-44 Against Rival South Forsyth


The Lambert Longhorns suffered a tough loss against the South Forsyth War Eagles last Friday night. They lost by over thirty points and dropped their record to four and one. South Forsyth added to their...

Photo of Hannah Cole taken from Forsyth County News

What’s Happening with Lambert Softball?

TAYLOR PETROFSKI, Sports Staff October 5, 2020

Lambert’s Lady Longhorns Varsity softball team have been competing this season with their 11-11 record, and have put up a fight with every team they’ve faced. Recently, Lambert bounced back from several...

Picture taken from Lambert Volleyball Website

Volleyball Season Nearing Its End

HANNAH KENYON, Sports Editor October 1, 2020

Varsity volleyball has been shining on the court this season with an outstanding record of seventeen to two. With four non-conference games left in the season, the Longhorns have high hopes for a championship....

Image is taken from Forsyth County News.

Second Game of The Season


For the first time in eight years, the Lambert Longhorns are starting the season with a 2-0 record. Last Friday night, they beat the Lassiter Trojans with a score of 34-19 making the 2020 Lambert senior...

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