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Georgia Weather: Why so Rainy?

Aaron Hsu

March 18, 2020

Georgia continues to be hit with a rainy season with near-record rainfall. The South has been experiencing historic flooding with rain reaching up to 5-7 inches. Right now, rainfall is 1-3 inches above average.   The heavy rain is a result of a band covering Eastern Louisiana, central parts o...

Apple Facing Massive Lawsuit

Caption: Graph representing the prominence of older phones slowing down when new Apple phones are released in comparison to other phone companies. Apple products are represented by the blue line

Avery Haney, News Staff

March 16, 2020

Apple is a technology company that is monopolizing almost all of the most popular devices. Aside from close seconds such as the Mac and Apple Watch, the annual iPhone steals the cake for the most successful Apple product thus far. Because these phones roll out about every year around September, past generation phone...

Nashville Tornadoes

The picture above shows the extent of the damage caused by the tornadoes that swept through Nashville.

Jimena Ruano

March 10, 2020

Tornadoes swept Nashville, Tennessee, in the early hours of Tuesday, March 3, leaving many devastated and without power.     Schools, businesses, and homes were destroyed across the counties affected by the tornadoes: there are twenty-four confirmed fatalities, including five children un...

Checkers Employee Shoots a Customer Angered Over Chicken Wings

Obshree Saravana, Senior Editor

March 10, 2020

 In Dekalb County, Georgia, a Checkers employee shot a customer who was angry about his incorrect chicken wings order.   The manager explains that two customers ordered chicken wings, but the employees gave them the wrong food. After a series of complaints from the customer, the employees began to rema...

International Night Fashion Show

Jimena Ruano

March 3, 2020

Students from all cultures joined together on the runway in the Lambert Auditorium to share their heritage with everyone who attended on February 21, 2020.   The house was packed: the whole auditorium was full for the show. Not only did the auditorium host the fashion show, but they also welco...

Two Monarch Butterfly Activists Killed and Why It Matters

Aaron Hsu, News Section Editor

February 13, 2020

Just this past month, two monarch conservation activists in Mexico were found dead. The deaths have drawn attention to the tangle of disputes and violence surrounding the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve, which encompasses most of the overwintering sites of monarch butterflies.    The...

St. Paul Woman finds Missing Dog after 3 Years, All Thanks to a Beer Can

Monica reunited with Hazel after years of searching

Avery Haney, News Staff

February 12, 2020

Monica Mathis, owner of lost pooch “Hazel” reported she had lost track of her dog 3 years ago while residing in Iowa. After years of dedicated search, her efforts were finally rewarded.  Currently living in Minnesota, Monica marveled at the incredible coincidence that led Hazel to be returning hom...

An Inside Look at the Making of a Few Famous Chocolate Bars

Greg Chapman

February 6, 2020

For many, the greatest part of Halloween is the chocolate that they receive. Today we will go through just how these masterpieces are made. For most of these chocolate bars, it is not exactly the ingredients that make these processes so complex, but rather the actual intricate design of the machines that mak...

Self-Driving UPS Delivery Trucks

A picture of the future UPS self-driving trucks.

Jimena Ruano, News Staff

February 6, 2020

UPS has ordered 10,000 electric delivery trucks to be tested in Atlanta, Georgia for the possibility of a faster and more efficient delivery service.   With these new electric delivery trucks, UPS would be able to pick up deliveries and drop them off during the night as well as in the aft...

New Dog Park Alert

Avery Haney

February 3, 2020

After months of dog owners begging for a new space to walk their pup, Zaveri Enterprises will be using a bid of $850,760 (Issued on January 27th, 2020) to begin constructing a new dog park next to Forsyth County Animal Shelter on County Way off Ga. 400 F. Cindy Mills, the District 4 Commissioner e...

The Night of the Grammy Awards

Livi Wold

January 31, 2020

Last Sunday, the Grammy Awards were hosted by Alicia Keys and held in Los Angeles, California. It was a night that many will remember forever.   The Grammys are held annually by The Recording Academy, and the awards are given to artists in the music industry who are able to achieve greatne...

Justin Bieber is Yummy

Varun Joshi, Editor in Chief

January 31, 2020

Justin Bieber is encouraging his fans to stream his latest single “Yummy” in order to get him to the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100.  Usually, Justin Bieber has no trouble getting his songs to the number one spot on the Hot 100. His most recent song, “Yummy”, however, is not performing as well as he would like. The song onl...