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Humans of Lambert: Dia Patil

Dia Patil at the 21st Century Healthcare and Leadership Camp using an electro cauterizer and performing micro robotic surgery (Image provided by Dia Patil).

Since a very young age, volunteering has been a pivotal part of junior Dia Patil’s life. Whether it be from helping her peers with academics or listening to someone who needs it, serving others and being a compassionate individual have always come naturally to her. Using her love for healthcare and humanitarianism as a guiding force, Dia has made several charitable contributions to Lambert’s Healthcare Occupations Students of America (HOSA) chapter.


However, her passion for healthcare and helping others doesn’t stop here. In the beginning of her junior year, Dia established her very own Save A Child’s Heart (SACH)  chapter here at Lambert.


“I have a congenital heart defect,” Patil stated. “It doesn’t cause me any problems but since I’m lucky, I feel like I need to use my voice to speak for those who aren’t as fortunate and do have heart conditions that affect their day-to-day lives.”


 SACH is an international organization that specifically works to to support underprivileged children who face cardiac issues, a cause that is very dear to Dia’s heart. 


“I started a chapter here at Lambert so we could help kids around the world who didn’t have access to several expensive operations and treatments,” Patil said. “Fundraising for that has been such a big deal to me, and I feel like I’m paying it forward because I’ve seen kids struggle with going to doctor’s offices, and I hope I’m able to help with that. Even if I can’t do that for them in a clinical setting, I can still make a difference through fundraising.” 


Despite being fairly new, SACH has already contributed to the Lambert community. With the help of a Chipotle fundraiser they hosted a few weeks ago, SACH was able to successfully raise over $480 in funds, reaching about half of their goal. 


“As of right now, SACH is focused on giving all of that money to the Middle East with the Israeli and Palestinian conflict going on, that’s their desperate need at the moment,” Patil stated. 

Dia’s passion for volunteering and being a helper to her peers allowed her to strengthen her leadership skills. Her talent for public speaking began as early as 4th grade, when she presented a “Why We Should Chew Gum during the Milestones” argument to her school’s principal. Her leadership skills continue to shine today in several clubs and organizations. 


“This year, I’m a part of Youth Leadership Forsyth, a program of 40 select Forsyth juniors mentored by some of the best leaders in our county government,” Patil stated. “I also attended the 21st Century Leaders’ summer healthcare/leadership camp this past summer to learn more about leadership in healthcare and the many ways we can drive future success in medicine.”


Along with her involvement in healthcare volunteering and leadership activities, Dia has an incredible passion for music and the fine arts. Growing up in a musically inclined family, Dia picked up singing at the very early age of just three-years-old. 


“When I got a little bit older, I joined the elementary chorus,” Patil recalled. “Then, I continued chorus through middle school and high school. I made my way up to the chamber choir because I put in a lot of effort and tried to push myself.” 

Being a part of a large musical ensemble such as Lambert’s Chorale and Advanced Women’s Ensemble has indeed been a very rewarding experience for Dia as she hopes to continue to pursue choral music leading into her college years.

Her involvement and contributions towards the success of Lambert’s music and fine arts programs helped her assume the role of treasurer in Lambert’s Tri-M, the National Music Honors Society. 

“It’s a wonderful organization for students who truly believe that music is the universal language and should be spread all over the world,” Patil stated. “Tri-M also focuses on hosting volunteer opportunities and performance opportunities at wellness centers, hospitals and elderly care centers. We’re having a performance at Northside Hospital this Christmas!”

Dia hopes to further expand her knowledge on healthcare sciences and leadership as she continues to expand the Lambert SACH chapter. Striving to inspire others and promote awareness of cardiac conditions, Dia’s journey at Lambert is a reflection of both her personal achievements as well as the impact that she strives to make on other people. She truly embodies passion and purpose in creating a better future for herself and those around her.

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