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Photo by CNN, taken on May 19, 2021, Some rights reserved,

Tokyo 2021 Olympics

NATALIE OGDEN, News Staff May 20, 2021

Japan is currently battling the fourth wave of Coronavirus infections in Tokyo and other major cities throughout the country, which is causing major scrutiny concerning the opening of the 2021 Summer Olympics....

Take a Dip of Faith

Take a Dip of Faith

Avery Haney, News Editor May 20, 2021

Amid the rather recent sauce shortage amongst various Chick-fil-A’s across the United States, it has become apparent that now more than ever, choosing the best dipping sauce is of utmost importance....

Picture taken by Jimena Ruano, Taken on May 19, 2021, All rights reserved

Who Owns the Best Chicken Nugget?

Abby Settipani and Jimena Ruano May 19, 2021

Chicken nuggets. Nuggets made of chicken. There are many types of nuggets that exist today. Original nuggets, spicy nuggets, vegetable nuggets, the possibilities are endless. Since the 50s, nuggets have...

Photo by Matt Winklemeyer, taken on March 3, 2018, Some rights reserved,

Trying Times for John Mulaney

HANNAH KENYON, Sports Editor May 18, 2021

John Mulaney is known for his light-hearted and goofy stand-ups that elicit many joyful feelings and appeal to a wide audience. There is a lot that lies behind the three-piece suits and wide grins that...

Photo taken by Livi Wold, taken on April 14, 2021

New Therapy Dog: Gunner!

Livi Wold, Features Staff May 17, 2021

Lambert’s faculty is continuing to grow as another new therapy dog has been added to the mix to relieve anxiety and bring joy to the students and teachers!   Rules each student should...

Key Club

Kudos To All the Key Players: Lambert High School’s Virtual Service Project

TAYLOR PETROFSKI, Sports Staff May 17, 2021

Due to COVID-19, there were numerous adjustments to Key Club this year. With the limitations of online learning, everyone had to adapt to remote methods of work and communication. However, Key Club did...

Photo by Regent’s College Students, taken on October 19, 2010, Some rights reserved,

College Isn’t Necessary to Succeed

Livi Wold, Features Staff May 13, 2021

Despite others’ opinions, you do not need to stick to the status quo and go to college in order to be successful and happy. Society has normalized a “need” to go to college and a romanticization...

Lambert's Class of 2021 Senior Send Off!

Class of 2021 Senior Send Off

Jimena Ruano, Editor-in-Chief April 30, 2021

Parents of 2021 Seniors,   The Lambert Post has worked hard to create this piece to celebrate Lambert’s seniors and their high school experience. The dedication features seniors and their accomplishments!  Check...

Otter pictured swimming at the Georgia Aquarium habitat. Photo provided by Georgia Aquarium. Some rights reserved for the Georgia Aquarium.

Otters Fall Ill With COVID-19 at the Georgia Aquarium

Avery Haney, News Editor April 30, 2021

As of April 18, 2021, the Asian small-clawed otters featured in an exhibit at the Georgia Aquarium have tested positive for SARS-CoV-2, a virus directly leading to Covid-19.  Now being cared for in...

Photo by vevo14 on November 14, 2008, some rights reserved

Safe Summer Activities

Abby Settipani, Features Staff April 29, 2021

The summer, once again, is limited due to COVID-19. Finding fun and safe things to do is challenging but it is possible! Even if you are fully vaccinated, you still need to be safe! Here are some fun and...

The official live-action animation (Left) compared to a fan-made edit (right) of what the “Lion King Live Action” movie was “supposed” to look like.

Where Did the Creativity Go?

NATALIE OGDEN, News Staff April 29, 2021

Recently there have only been reboots of movies or live-action versions of classics, why is that? Are major movie studios out of ideas, trying to make fast cash or are they just plain old lazy?  Disney...

Photo by Natalie Fultz, Taken on May 9, 2019, Some Rights Reserved,

Is Lake Lanier Haunted?

SASHA LOOBY, Senior Editor April 27, 2021

Spanning 39,000 acres and occupying 692 miles of shoreline, Lake Lanier is the largest lake in Georgia. It is a manmade lake in northern Georgia that was created in 1956 upon the completion of the Buford...

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