College Visits

Andrew Gray, Staff Writer

Lambert has definitely expressed itself as a professional school when it comes to opportunities for the future and college admission. This comes from not only Lamberts competitive population, but also the opportunities and options one has from the nearby communities as well as the school itself. The school provides these for extracurricular credit as well as actually finding where to go with your future and what you want to do with it. An excellent example of this would be the college visits that go on at Lambert as well as the students going out to visit other campuses to see what the schools are like and what they could expect when attending the school. Some juniors and most seniors are definitely looking, visiting, and applying to colleges, and some colleges are coming to Lambert to show off what they have to offer in relevance to the school’s clubs and its electives. For instance, just last week during an accounting class in first period, a few classes went and watched a presentation done by the Art Institutes. They showed what they had to offer and why students may find that their college is a better choice compared to other colleges in America. They also talked about how their college can benefit those participating in similar programs. Lambert has many meetings in which students come and opt into them via the counseling center to see what the college has to offer without having to leave the college’s campus. This enables students another way to become more prepared for their future and be proactive in their higher education. To anyone that is interested in going to college, I highly recommend visiting colleges and attending their visits at Lambert.