Mission Trips: An Alternative Way to Spend the Summer


Ally Burkhalter, Staff Writer

Aside from trips taken with family to the beach throughout the summer, many teenagers journey to different countries to reach the needs of others less fortunate than themselves.  Hundreds of Lambert students have taken part in different mission trips during the summer, and each trip has had its own unique impact on each student.

Sarah Kate Burkhalter is a Lambert junior and is just one of the students that went on a mission trip this summer. Sarah Kate says her favorite part during her ten day trip to Lima, Peru, was when she and her team went to Hope House, a girls’ orphanage. They were able to make lunch and fellowship with the girls. “Being there was a very humbling experience.” Burkhalter said. When asked about challenges during the time Burkhalter admitted, “The most challenging part was when I was homesick at the beginning of the trip, but I was able to get past it and have a great time.”

Burkhalter said, “Overall our team got a lot done. We painted a newly built church and the halls of the house we stayed in. We met a lot of the kids and were able to share God’s love with them and a better understanding of who God is through putting on a Vacation Bible School for them. It was a great experience!” These trips are life changing experiences where people are stretched past their comfort zone and experience growth in many areas.