AI Art Comic

New artificial intelligence (AI) has recently started to be used to make art with just a simple prompt and the click of a button. One might think this new development is great news, but this is stirring up artists who spend hours upon hours on their work. They now have to compete with AI-generated art which can be mass-produced for little to no cost. The picture in the last panel features the new AI-generated anime, “Rock Paper Scissors”, which is an “animated” short consisting of an overpowered fight based off the classic childhood game. However, this anime has received scathing criticism due to the many different glitch-like panels that show up repeatedly, giving the audience a feeling that something is off. It could be that it was made untraditionally, as the creators used live-action videos of themselves and fed each frame into an AI to create the “animation.”Although it isn’t perfect, and it was made using old anime clips, many are worried that AI art might shadow a large chunk of living artists in this new era of “art.”