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Former, accomplished musician quits in order to do nothing.

photo by Tyler-Adams, taken on October 27, 2015, Some rights reserved, (license link), (original link to work)

Former, accomplished musician quits in order to do nothing.

Study finds that students quit band when they discover music streaming

Noting that participation in marching band has fallen significantly in upperclassmen, a study published by the Red Onion has found that interest in marching band continues to decline as more teenagers discover Spotify. According to the study, many students were in marching band purely to listen to the free music that they created while there, but the realization that free music was available online, combined with the convenience of sitting down and relaxing, have helped solidify the growing attraction of individuals streaming in their rooms. “Whereas previous classes would look forward to marching band to create their own music, modern students now have the ability to forgo that option in light of an infinite collection of already finished records,” said Lambert poller Kate Krystal, citing the fact that children of the past only had a few CDs before they ran out of music to listen to. “Now they have so many options. Taking band isn’t a necessity for those who want to hear new music.”

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