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although babysitting can sometimes be a pain, those smiling faces make it all worth it (but some cash would make it even better).

The life of an older sibling

Being the oldest has its advantages, but it definitely has its disadvantages. Being a full-time, live-in, babysitter is a prime example. Most older siblings don’t mind watching their younger sibling(s) every once in a while, but sometimes parents take it a little too far. Most siblings wouldn’t mind sacrificing a night or two, but older siblings are not built in babysitters. Being the oldest should present opportunities to go out, have a good time, and be a teenager, not stay locked up in the house watching the “little ones.” Being left in charge at 10 years old would send any kid that age on a power trip. The same kids at 12 and 14 might be annoyed by the thought of still having to babysit but will most likely do it anyone out of good heart. At 16, these same students are just about fed up with the idea of still babysitting for free. Granted the fact that parents provide for all of their kids, they still get upset when their children ask them for too much money. This problem could be easily terminated if the child who asks for the most money, which is probably the oldest, had a job. Perhaps an after school job babysitting…

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