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At the beginning of February, a bomb was detonated in a passenger plane, creating a hole on its side. Authorities were unable to find who was  to blame until the al Shabab claimed responsibility online. The extremists said that it was to wage war on Somali Muslims.

An Oversimplified Retelling of the al Shabab

Just when you thought al Qaeda and the Islamic State were all we had.
SungMin Park, Staff Writer March 15, 2016

Terrorism is a wide spread phenomenon today, but its major rise did not occur until the birth of the modern military technology. After countries such as the United States mobilized with large forces and...

North Korea claims its Hydrogen bomb can destroy the entire United States

True or false: North Korea has a Hydrogen bomb?

The Internet has spoken, and the answer seems to be false
Logan White , Literary Editor January 16, 2016

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