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Linda Brown: A great life and an even greater impact

Aniket Adhikari, News Editor March 29, 2018

Linda Brown, part of the landmark 1954 US Supreme court case that struck down racial segregation in public school systems, passed away Sunday at the age of 76. While funeral arrangements are pending, the...

When The Battles of Thames Killed Tecumseh: First and Second Variations

"Last year in AP US History, Mr. Temple required for us to write a creative piece based on the War of 1812. While researching to come up with an idea, an Indian chief named Tecumseh gripped my attention. To make a long story short, he died in action against the Americans and it marked a turning point. Historian Lisa Gilbert has said, "As a result of Tecumseh’s defeat, Natives were never again considered separate and equal partners in international relations." I wrote this poem to remind myself of the Native Americans, who I believe is a neglected people group of our country. I always hear about fighting for the blacks, the women, the LGBT community, and so on. But now I think it is time for us to hear the voice of the original Americans. They are not weaklings awaiting our help, but valuable people who we should listen to. I encourage everybody to become aware of them again, whether it is by Google-ling or by witnessing artistic creations about them like this poem." -SungMin Park
SungMin Park, Staff Writer March 16, 2016

The poem is fiction. It comes in two variations and it is written from Tecumseh's point of view. I imagined Tecumseh dying to an American soldier, a soldier who displayed a laughable irony. The irony is...

The Old Monroeville Courthouse, which provided the basis for the movie's set and was where Lee's dad's cases were held.

At the age of 89, Harper Lee, author of To Kill a Mockingbird, passes away

Quinn Forney, Online Editor February 19, 2016

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Contributor Evie Lawson has beliefs that she feels a need to share.

OP-ED: 1,414

Evie Lawson January 27, 2016

Ah, America. The only place where poverty level income exceeds twenty-thousand bucks, congress must grant your given rights to you, and response to killing is simply to fight fire with fire. In this backwards-upside...

Trial to come for grisly murder.

Student gone rogue; case re-opened

Lael White, Staff Writer November 18, 2015

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Halloween just got a little too scary

Halloween just got a little too scary

Lael White, Staff Writer November 6, 2015

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