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Milk from cows and goats have flooded American diets with cheeses and milk and have been heavily embraced by many due to milks nutritional value; but the downside of dairy consumption lies within the increasing prevalence of lactose intolerance, support for animal rights, and the general care for one's body.

Dairy: is it worth it?

Justin Gibbs-Poe, Opinion Editor December 20, 2017

American food culture is littered with foods such as pizza, cheeseburgers, butter, yogurt, ice cream and a multitude of other dairy products. These meal options have morphed from being occasional comfort...

Even though food of this nature is often considered unhealthy, it provides several important nutrients.

Dishing the Dirt on Diets

Cayla Vanderzanen, Socail Media Lead March 28, 2016

Take a minute; look at the newspapers lining the checkout lines, watch a few minutes of television, surf the internet. There are obvious common denominators in each of those actions. Diets. They are constantly...

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