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Pipeline break causes gas drought in southern states

Many gas stations in Forsyth County were overflowing on Saturday and Sunday as people were trying to fill up their tanks before there was no more gas left. Many customers experienced a raise in gas prices and, in some cases, there being no more gas left to purchase.

Elizabeth Findley, Associate Editor

September 19, 2016

There has been a mass drought in gas due to a pipeline break in Alabama, causing panic throughout many Southern states. The broken pipeline experienced a leak of over 250,000 gallons of fuel. Residents of Georgia have experienced inflated gas prices and, at many gas stations, a complete lack of fuel....

California wildfire causes chaos

California wildfires continue to destory massive forests.

Cayla Vanderzanden, Social Media Lead

September 18, 2015

A vicious wild fire was initiated on Saturday afternoon due to California’s long term drought. The wildfire demolished over a hundred buildings and continues to rapidly progress. The citizens remain taken aback at the intensity of the wildfire; they fear that it is unstoppable. Jerry Brown ordered a state of emergency in Lake County less than twenty four hours a...