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Your GPA isn’t a PSA

Prateek Yadav, Opinion Staff November 8, 2019

Students today are increasingly vocal about their personal grades, which is, in my opinion, an underlying issue in school society.   To begin with, sharing grades has never been particularly encouraged...

A cup of nihilism #31

A cup of nihilism #31

Ann Ding, Resident Artist May 5, 2018

It's the final stretch of the year to get those grades where they need to be!

A cup of nihilism #12

A cup of nihilism #12

Ann Ding, Resident Artist December 2, 2017

Savor life's little happy surprises.

A cup of nihilism #5

A cup of nihilism #5

Ann Ding, Resident Artist September 23, 2017

Sometimes we may not be pleased with the grades we receive in school. Some of us tear out our own hair stressing on how it could have happened when we tried so hard. Take a breath, have a cup, and resolve...

At what grade are you failing your personal educational goals?

26.7% of Lambert’s Students could Succumb to Failure

Morgan Quach, Staff Writer August 31, 2017

While stuck in the American school system, students have defined the term “failure” to fit within their own lives. Whether their definition of the word symbolizes a grade percentage or an overall sense...

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