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Photo by Evan Angelastro, Taken on December 11, 2019, Some Rights Reserved,

Stephen A. Smith: The Diverting and Bombastic Voice of ESPN and Sports

HANNAH KENYON, Sports Editor February 3, 2021

Stephen Anthony Smith is known for being very vocal and having a strong, eccentric personality for ESPN. He has gained the most recognition for his show, “First Take”, which he hosts with Max Kellerman...

The Joker Controversy: A Classic Case of Backwards Media

Andrew Gu, Opinion Editor October 30, 2019

There has been a lot of heated discussions that have taken place over 2019’s Joker film, with many claiming that its existence poses a terrible danger to society and will inspire violent acts to take...

The rise of the streaming service has created a shift in the ways that people typically consume their media.

Netflix vs. television: media consumption at Lambert

Elizabeth Findley, Associate Editor January 27, 2017

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