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A cup of nihilism #24

A cup of nihilism #24
March 17, 2018

Know how to support those close to you when they're feeling down. People respond differently to times of stress, so comforting them properly illustrates that you acknowledge their pain.

A cup of nihilism #23

A cup of nihilism #23
March 10, 2018

People consume entertainment differently. Just because you may have a different opinion on a piece of media does not permit you to intrude on other's discussions about it.

Colorblindness in a Nutshell

Simple tasks like coloring can be a struggle to even people with lower color deficiencies.
November 15, 2017

Seeing others socialize with color blind people, like me, I often find that people aren't truly aware of the grapple it has on your life. By reading and understanding the following guidelines,...

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