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St. Louis, Missouri, The Most Dangerous City in the U.S.

September 10, 2019

St. Louis, Missouri is a city notorious for its extraordinarily high crime and homicide rate, and it is recognized as the most dangerous city in the United States (CBS News). With 134 homicides so far...

The changing atmosphere of concerts

Concerts have been transformed due to the appearance of a known risk for violence, stressed by the increasing presence of security and recent events.
November 1, 2017

At my first concert, the night started with me standing in Buckhead Theatre, feeling internally numb and isolated due to the typical, seemingly never-ending, complications in my life. As a sea of strangers...

The Venezuela crisis

The Venezuela crisis
September 7, 2017

For months, there have been protests in Caracas - Venezuela’s capital - almost everyday, several of which turned violent. As of August 8, at least 124 people have died, and hundreds more have been injured....

Living as an Asian-American in a “gun-happy” society

Used with permission from Tyler Ray and Mahima Siripurapu
March 30, 2017

In the midst of my errands on the unusually warm February afternoon, I found myself walking out of Walmart feeling uncomfortably sweaty in my over-sized "USA" sweatshirt and shorts. In an attempt to get...

20 Students Dead (at least): Terrorism in Pakistan

The flag of the Tehrik-i-Taliban flies to unify the members in their goal of imposing upon the world what is right in their own eyes.
January 28, 2016

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