Local teacher expresses annoyance with student questions

Describing these instances as periods of intense anguish and annoyance, the local teacher told reporters at the Red Onion that she has been pestered with educational inquiries for the entirety of her teaching career. “Generally the students are rather apathetic, but every now and then one has the audacity to interrupt my lesson to prioritize their own understanding,” she said, citing the uncomfortable climate that she faces when teens ask logical questions about her content. “When they speak, it’s like a siren going off across the building, but luckily I am able to ignore them and push them from my mind. Sometimes I am able to tune them out completely. But no one is perfect. One day, if I don’t remain focused on my pre-planned lesson, I may slip up and waste time making a point of misunderstanding clear.” At the end of the period, the educator was seen with her fingers in her ears saying “la la la” in response to a student questioning her saying Iran was in Europe.

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