February – “Alone” Edition


Photo taken by Zain Hyath.

Morgan Massaker is excited to spend Valentine’s Day alone.

Although February is traditionally the mois d’amour, friend groups, individuals, and/or people who have succumbed to the friend zone shouldn’t feel discouraged, there are still a lot of fun things to do.

Atlanta’s Alliance theater ($$$): over 70 original productions have been premiered here since it’s opening, if you want to kick it back and relax while enjoying a musical, this is your place.

Atlanta Botanical Garden ($$): If you’re in the mood for fresh air and nature, visit the Garden. You can participate in yoga on the 30 acres of green and see orchids that have never before been grown in the southeast.

Atlanta Movie Tour ($$$): to experience Atlanta’s movie history, from Captain America: Civil War to Gone With the Wind to The Walking Dead to Anchorman 2 and everything in between, check out where your favorite movie scenes have been filmed.

High Museum of Art ($): Not only does this museum offer exhibits for avid artists, but it also offers musical performances, shows, tours, and camp options for youths. Whichever of the above interest you, this museum is a great getaway to contemplate modern art for anyone spending the month without a significant other.

Fox Theater ($-$$$): Whether it be to tour the theater itself and its history, or experience a one in a lifetime performances, the Fox theater offers it all with a wide genre of plays for any person or group. Check out Alan Thicke and Jeffery  Osborne on the 11th and catch The Phantom of the Opera starting on the 22nd.

Atlantic Station (-): If you enjoy shopping, this hub in Atlanta offers both the ambiance, restaurants, and shops you desire.

Atlanta Symphony Orchestra ($$-$$$): With over 200 annual concerts of all genres you can imagine, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra has a concert for all celebrating Valentine’s Day alone.

Price Rating: $-$$$ (-) – Free Admission