Harry Styles New Album

Harry Styles is releasing his new album “Fine Line” on December 13, 2019. This will be the second album he has made as a solo artist. Style’s new album was announced in November 2019.

He eventually reported that he was putting his final touches on the album in August. He has described his sophomore album as “all about romance, and this feeling of sadness.” 

Harry Styles has already released several songs off “Fine Line,” including “Watermelon sugar,” “Adore You,” and “Lights Up.” These three songs have already reached immense popularity, and the album is expected to be even more popular. 

During the process of Harry Styles recording the album, he admitted to taking psychedelic drugs to help with his creative process. While on Psilocybin Mushrooms, he bit off the tip of his tongue while he was singing, but he has made a full recovery, and his singing was not affected.

Styles’ new album will be dropping at midnight on December 13th! Be sure to check it out!