A guide to graduation in style: The perfect white dress

Accessories don’t have to stop with Honor Cords


greymatters via pixabay.com, commercial use allowed

Look your best when you turn the tassel from the right to the left

White graduation dresses are an unspoken tradition at Lambert High School, but it can be difficult to find the perfect look. There are so many things to consider: Is the dress longer than the graduation gown? How will the dress look with a cap and cords? Look no further than “A guide to graduating in style.” Get inspired with these Pinterest suggestions, and you’re guaranteed to love your graduation look! May 31 is fast approaching, so start shopping!



One of these dresses could be the perfect choice for a graduate with a funky, bohemian edge.

A dress completed with crochet and lace detailing is a great way to keep a graduation look simple yet intricate.GradDress4

Breezy tunic dresses are also a simple way to look effortlessly beautiful.



For a polished, preppy graduate, these styles are sure to impress walking across the stage.

This scalloped neck dress will look flawless with a cap and gown, and this lace baby doll dress is an adorable option for a graduate’s big day.


This light and flowy dress with stunning shoulder cutouts is also a guaranteed hit.



Finally, for that flawless, classic look, one of these dresses would complete the perfect graduation look.

These timeless, A-line dresses would look stunning with every accessory a graduate can wear: cords, medallions, pins, anything!


And this beautiful lace option gives just the right amount of sparkle with its jeweled collar.