Casual Painting Strokes

Art Club’s community projects focus on the beautification of Lambert by decorating the walls with painted murals. Because Art Club is student-run, some of these projects are done in collaboration with other clubs. An example would be the National Art Honors Society, or NAHS, an honors society for junior and senior artists. Art Club’s beautification projects are similar to those of NAHS. 

   Another benefit of these beautification projects is that it may benefit those who are trying to earn service hours. 

“If you’re in other clubs too, the beautification projects can be used as community service hours,” Khalief, a president of the art club, stated.

One of the Art Club’s larger projects this year is the creation of a statue that will be displayed in the main courtyard. The statue will be carved and painted by members directly from a cinder block. The exact theme of the statue remains undecided, but it will be an exciting addition to Lambert.

Art club members are authorized to use most of the art supplies provided by Lambert in Mrs. Puckett’s room; however, more expensive items cannot be administered.

The Lambert Art Club accepts students from all grade levels, and one does not need to be in an art class to join the club. Meetings are held in room 1551 every Monday at 7:45 by the sponsor Mrs. Puckett, an art teacher at Lambert. However, meetings are flexible, based on members’ availability. 

 If this article stroke an interest in you to join, please remember to sign up by clicking this link. There is not a deadline to sign up; the art club would love to have you!