Creative Gift Guide


The Lambert Post went around and asked students what their most gifted items were. According to the Lambert student body, the most gifted Christmas items include clothing, fuzzy socks, gift cards, and other items organized in the pie chart. Although these gifts are given with warm sincerity, they have become a tradition and lack originality.


A good gift does not necessarily have to be expensive. What really makes a good gift is how much effort was put into making the gift happen. So, to help you give a unique gift that stands out from the rest, here is a brief list of DIY creative gift ideas that are unique and will make the receiver feel special. 

Sentimental Map Wall Art 

Cut heart shapes out of maps from important places. For example, where you and your significant other met each other, where you were engaged, or where you were married. Label each location and frame the piece for keepsake art gift for your significant other.

Custom Laptop Case

You can customize any basic laptop case for the person in your life who’s always on the move. A matte back fabric case is the best option for this idea.

Quote Pillow 

Customize a pillow to fit the style of your loved one. Choose a quote that’s uplifting or important to the person and add photos for a personal touch.

Personalized Notebook

For a friend who loves to jot down ideas and record memories, personalize a journal that they’ll keep close to their heart. Add words and phrases on the cover that will inspire them; consider adding a quote from their favorite writer or actor. 

Wire Photo Frame/Collage 

Create a unique picture frame where photos can be hung. Secure wire across an old frame or window pane. You can also add pictures of you and your loved one to make it more special.


While this guide provides some meaningful ideas for Christmas gifts, the best Christmas gifts are the ones personalized for the loved one you are gifting. When deciding what to give, remember to make it personal because you are the one that knows them best!