Galentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. For some people, Valentine’s Day brings happiness and romance while others feel lonely and sad. And for some, it is viewed as a money-grabbing ploy by greedy corporations to rob innocent citizens that buy into the idea of soulmates. While this may be true, at its core, Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate those close to you. This can be both romantic and platonic love despite what the media tells us.

Valentine’s day did not start off as the mushy gushy love-fest that we know today. The holiday was originally a day of feasting to celebrate the martyrs that were killed for their faith on that day. The three people that were killed were named St. Valentine. 

There has been some confusion about when the holiday became a day of romance. Some believe it was in the book “The Canterbury Tales’ ‘ written by Geoffrey Chaucer. This book was written thousands of years after the deaths of these saints. Although there is no original connection with love and chocolate, in the world today Valentine’s is a time for crushes, teddy bears, and  holding hands.

Without Valentine’s plans, the dreary day seems to drag on for eternity while The Notebook plays on repeat. A way to cure this sadness that has been building since the beginning of the cuffing season is simple: Galentine’s Day. Seen on many media outlets, a girls’ night out (or girls’ night in) is a time to be with friends that will hype you up. This is the time to bake, eat junk food, sing karaoke love songs off key, and cry while watching rom-coms.

It is the perfect day to do something thoughtful for a friend. Pick up their favorite coffee, make a valentine, or bake them their favorite treat to show them how much you care. Friends are those who stick by you during good times and the bad times. Celebrating them is better than celebrating a scrawny blonde-haired boy that does not bother to call back. With or without a date for Valentine’s Day, it is the perfect opportunity to tell your friends how much you appreciate them. Celebrate a significant other that has doubled as your best friend for years, a friend that cared about you when you don’t even care about yourself, or a friend you just met and had a connection with. However if you are celebrating, celebrate those you cherish.