Hoco Spirit Week!

Following tradition, the week before the Homecoming dance is a Spirit Week. Tuesday-Friday features a different theme for each class to dress up as: 

Monday, September 6th → No school 

Tuesday, September 7th → Music Genre Day! 

Each class will dress as their favorite genre of music or artist like Billie Eilish, Ed sheeran, pop, rock, Country, etc. This is not grade level specific. 

Wednesday September 8th → Decades Day!

Each class can dress up as a different decade. Freshman will dress up in 50’s attire, Sophomore’s in 60s, Juniors in 70s and Seniors will dress up for the 80s. This theme is grade level specific, so be sure to adhere to your grade levels theme! 

Some decade dress up ideas are…

50’s: “Grease,” Elvis Presley, Pink, Poodle skirts, leather jackets

60’s: Hippie clothes, peace signs, lots of patterns, cycadelic, bright colors 

70’s: “Forrest Gump,” tie-dye, Saturday night fever, disco, wide pants, big fluffy hair

80’s: “Star Wars,” diva, heathers, side ponytail, animal pattern, ripped tights, fish nets

Thursday September 9th → Wonder Years!

Each grade level will dress up as a stage of “The Game of Life!” 9th graders will dress up as babies, 10th as college students, 11th as Parents and 12th as senior citizens. This theme is grade level specific, so make sure to dress appropriately!

Friday September 10th → Longhorn Pride

Come to school dressed in Lambert merch, Lambert colors, or Coach Bass clothing! Seniors wear black, juniors wear crimson, sophomores wear white and freshman wear gray. Make sure to dress up in your wackiest Longhorn pride gear!