How Can Stars Explain Your Personality?

Crabs. Rams. Twins. A bow and arrow. Lions. All of these have one thing in common. They’re an assortment of twelve symbols representing zodiac signs: a popularized ideology called astrology. Astrology can be a fun activity to explore one’s self and the constellations associated with it.

However, many can confuse astrology with astronomy. These two sciences are similar but drastically different. 

Astronomy is the study of stars, planets, and many other celestial bodies. However Astrology differs in that it takes those studies and tries to apply them to the Earth and its inhabitants.

Zodiac signs and other spiritual avenues of self-exploration have never been more popular. Many companies use it as a form of advertisement and social media applications,like Snapchat, have  features based on zodiac signs. 

Each of these twelve zodiac signs has a few key traits to it. The twelve signs and some basic traits associated with them are:

  • Aries: 
    • enthusiasm and a quick temper 
  • Taurus: 
    • patient and easily jealous
  • Gemini:
    • cunning and adaptable
  • Cancer:
    • sympathetic and moody
  • Leo: 
    • warm-hearted and patronizing
  • Virgo
    •  shy and a perfectionist
  • Libra
    • charming and indecisive 
  • Scorpio
    •  determined and emotional
  • Sagittarius: 
    • blindly optimistic and honest
  • Capricorn: 
    • practical and pessimistic 
  • Aquarius:
    • friendly and unpredictable
  • Pisces:
    • escapist and compassionate
Image taken from Accessed January 12.

However, this isn’t the entirety of astrology.

Many people use their zodiac signs to identify their strengths and weaknesses. For many who struggle to understand themselves, zodiac signs can be an easy way to start exploring who they are and what really matters to them.

As well as the basic signs, called sun signs, for every group of months,  there are also moon signs and rising signs. Each category represents a core part of you. 

Sun signs represent the ego and intrinsic motivations and can be shorthand for someone’s overall personality.

Moon signs change every 2.5 days, and depend on the hour and day someone is born. They are told to represent someone’s subconscious mind. 

Rising or ascending signs is the corresponding sign that was ascending on the eastern horizon where someone is born. This changes every 2 hours, making the exact time of birth required to find out someone’s rising sign. Rising signs represent how someone may come across to others.

Figuring out all of these signs can make the insights into a personality that much more compelling, giving believers a “sign” that these narrow parameters mean more accurate results.

Lambert freshman Anya Gupta remarked on how she felt her sign represented her.

¨I’m a Leo,” Gupta said. “It feels accurate because of what I do; I search up what a Leo is, and I feel like it’s accurate to what I am. As a Leo, I think that a Leo is being loyal, protective of those near them, generous, loving, big-hearted, you know all of that, and it all kind of describes me.”

Gupta doesn’t exactly believe in zodiac signs, but to her, they´re an interesting way to connect to astronomy, another interest of hers.

Astrology is mostly thought of as a pseudoscience, and many don’t give thought to it. For those who do, it’s good to remember that zodiac signs are simply a collection of general traits that could apply to anyone. It doesn’t chart someone’s future but becomes a way of beginning to understand and find traits to relate to.