Humans of Lambert: Celina Simone

Picture of an artwork done by Celina Simone, unknown date taken.

Picture of an artwork done by Celina Simone, unknown date taken.

Celina is a ​​freshman at Lambert High School who’s passionate about art and anatomy. She has an adoration for exploring biology and aspires to have a profession in healthcare. Celina also participates in the Writers Block, Model United Nations and Photography Club.

In her art class, Celina often illustrates realism using graphite, coloring pencils and watercolors. She loves utilizing her creativity to play around with different concepts and draw anatomy in new ways. 

To learn more about biology, Celina is taking the healthcare pathway, where she is very involved in the Red Cross committee. Her contributions to the red cross consist of helping with blood drives.

Beyond Celina’s various interests, she is certain of what she wants to do with her life. 

“I think it’d be really cool to be a medical illustrator,” stated Celina.

A medical illustrator is someone who illustrates procedures for patients or medical textbooks. There is also a growing interest in medical illustrators for video game production because designers want the characters to look more anatomically correct. 

Celina wants to be a medical illustrator, not only because of her art but because she thinks that it would be fun. Celina thinks of the human body as a puzzle she can illustrate and assemble together. 

In order to fulfill her aspiration to be a medical illustrator, Celina plans on applying to the University of Georgia (UGA). 

“I wanted to go to UGA because my mom’s an alumnus,” Celina said. “She was the first person to go to an American college in her family.”

Because of her mom’s connection to UGA, following in her footsteps would mean a lot to her and her family. Celina also grew up going to the campus and loves the area.

Celina is very motivated and she has high hopes for her future. Combining her many interests, Celina is sure to enjoy her life after high school.