Need an Elective?

Course registration for the 2020-21 school year is coming up! Here are some elective options for you if you have an open period, or are just undecided on your schedule. All of these are available with no prerequisite classes, so everyone from rising Freshmen to rising Seniors can join with no prior experience.



The Journalism class is built entirely on maintaining our school newspaper (Hey, you’re here now!) and exploring the ethics of writing. If you’ve ever been interested in reporting, interviewing, or even just sharing your own ideas with the world, Journalism is for you. We’ve even got cookies every Thursday!


If you’re interested in joining Journalism, please fill out this application and return it to Ms. Pittaluga’s room (1883) by Monday, March 23rd


Yearbook Staff

Similar to Journalism, you’ll be working to create and maintain the school’s yearbook. This includes capturing prominent events throughout the year, creating photo spreads, and interacting with students and staff alike. A multitude of positions are available, including writers, photographers, layout designers, and social media managers.


If you’re interested in being part of the Yearbook Staff, please fill out this application and return it to Mrs. McClain’s room (1896) by Monday, March 23rd


Teaching Pathway

For the first time at Lambert, the Teaching Pathway has been made available to students interested in becoming teachers in the future. This opportunity isn’t simply limited to future teachers: students currently enrolled in mentorship programs or those aspiring to be sports coaches all fall under the pathway. If you’ve ever wanted to experience the other end of the teacher-student relationship, this is your chance.


For more information, please read this document and contact Ms. Stephany Tighe at [email protected]