No Cap(ricorns)

An astrology fanatic’s guide of the basic knowledge of Capricorns and Capricorn season, which is in full swing right now!

In Western astrology, there are twelve zodiac signs or star signs, and their names are derived from the constellation each one passes through. You can find out your sun sign and birth chart by inputting your birth date on a website, like Astrology Café. Each sign’s characteristics pertain to personality traits and the overall nature of that sign; you can find out more information through apps such as Costar and Sanctuary. 

Capricorn season is currently in session from December 21st to January 20th. Capricorn is one of the three earth signs. Capricorns are known for being practical, valuing hard work, and obsessing over material objects. Their weaknesses include having self-destructive defense mechanisms such as stubbornness, being unforgiving, condescending know-it-alls, and not accepting other peoples’ perspectives. On the other hand, some of their strengths are their responsibility, work ethic; they prioritize their friends and family; they demonstrate how honesty and perseverance produce the best results. 

To get knowledge on what astrology-engrossed students at Lambert think of Capricorns, I inquired: “What is your opinion on Capricorns?” Cailin Johnson, a Junior, had a negative view of Capricorns. She stated that “they are nosey, wanting in on everyone’s business. They feel like they know everything and won’t admit they’re wrong.” On the opposing side, Tina Lin shared that “Capricorns are very loving and hold close to heart their relationships with others. They are some of the most protective people!” Opinions of the star signs are based loosely off of experiences and are subjective. Out of the twenty people surveyed, exactly half said they liked Capricorns while the other half did not. 

Capricorns, like every sign, have both admirable and execrable traits. This zodiac season is a time to appreciate all the Capricorns in your life!