“Slytherin” Through the Pipes

Madeline Laguaite, Copy Editor

Public bathrooms often get a bad reputation for being notoriously dirty and unsanitary. However, employees at California’s Old San Diego City Hall were more than concerned with their restroom; they were afraid. An enormous boa constrictor slithered out of the toilet and gave one woman the fright of her life. The snake was a five foot six inch Colombian boa constrictor and had been in the toilet’s piping. The business woman who discovered the animal, Stephanie Lacsa, was altogether terrified but otherwise unharmed. She is credited in telling news stations, “I thought my eyes were deceiving me, but as soon as I saw the flicker of his tongue, I definitely knew that it was, in fact, a large snake heading straight towards me.”
After attempting to unclog the toilet with a plunger and discovering the submerged serpent, Lacsa ran out of the restroom and taped the door shut. The snake then crawled out of the lavatory where it remained until officials removed it from the scene. Other employees made the call to animal service workers in San Diego. Soon, the snake was safely in the hands of veterinarian officials. The animal was primarily reported to be agitated and shedding, as well as a bit underweight, but otherwise healthy and out of danger. Hopefully, the owner of the snake will come to claim the reptile and if not, it will most likely be put up for adoption to a loving family that knows how to keep snakes out of plumbing.