Why Christmas Feels Different

The Christmas season is no longer magical, according to various Lambert students, as they become sad and notice the truth about the previously beloved holiday.

Students are unable to enjoy a season that feels unfamiliar and unenjoyable.

Emma Bales, a senior at LHS, does not make a Christmas list. She has noticed that people are only generous because of society’s expectations and not the Christmas spirit. Emma is irritated by materialistic people that have made Christmas lose its meaning. Yet, she feels nostalgic about the Christmas season- before she noticed that people act differently during the holiday.

“I think we’re so caught up in day-to-day life that it is no longer important- more of a fantasy that I don’t have time for. As you get older, it means less,” Emma reflected.

Lambert senior Khushi Patel mentioned that Christmas shopping is stressful. Another student, Amanda Chabot, agreed that shopping is stressful as she has to work more hours to provide thoughtful presents for her family and friends. She argued that Christmas lost its magic when everyone in her family grew too old to believe in Santa. She discovered how expensive the gift-giving aspect of the holiday is, but seeing the time and effort her family puts into making the holiday special has made her grateful. 

“Now that I’m older, I have started to learn the value of a dollar, which is a lot less now,” she realized.