2023 Exam Season: Everything You Need to Know

2023 Exam Season: Everything You Need to Know

Most students look forward to spring break but are disappointed as soon as it ends. The end of spring break signifies the beginning of exam season. At Lambert High School, the first week of testing will be a virtual week, due to End-of-Course Exams and Advanced Placement exams being administered on those days. Only students who are needing to take an EOC or AP Test will be allowed on campus. 


EOC Testing Schedule, taken from Lambert High School Website



During the time of EOC exams, final and AP exams will also be taking place. Students who have a 89.5% or higher, will be exempt from their normal rigor classes’ final exams. Students in AP classes will automatically be exempt from their final exams, but still have the ability to take them if they wish to improve their overall grade in the class.


In regards to AP exams, scores from the multiple choice section and free response question section are combined together for the overall score. The final score for the exam is scored on a 5 point scale, which identifies if a student is ready to go into higher level studies and receive college credit for that particular class.


  • A 1 is considered failing and no college credit is earned.
  • A 2 might give a credit and is converted to a D letter grade.
  • A 3 is considered qualified. It is converted to a B-, C, or C+.
  • A 4 is considered qualified. It is converted to an A-, B, or B+.
  • A 5 is the highest grade a student can earn. It is considered highly qualified and converted to an A or A+.



To make sure enough preparation is done for all of the looming exams, it is essential to start planning out study time appropriately and correctly.


“I’ve been making flashcards and watching crash course videos online to help prepare for my AP exam,” freshman Miya Nithin said. “I also study by taking practice tests and writing down notes from the videos I watch, so that I can go over it later.” 


AP Classroom is a platform that offers numerous ways for students to prepare for their AP exams, in addition to their own study techniques. AP Classroom is based on the AP classes that are offered to students.


“AP Classroom is an online platform where students can access free practice resources and instructional videos for every topic and skill that will be covered in their course and assessed on the AP Exam,” collegeboard.org explains.


AP Classroom offers practice progress checks with multiple choice and free response questions so students can get feedback on their areas of skill and areas that need improvement. The website provides videos that cover all content related to the AP class and skills to support students’ learning.


Whether it is the middle of taking an exam or when preparing for an exam, it is important to pace yourself, have a set schedule or planning technique and maintain positive self talk. It is always good to try your best and know that you gave it your all. Remember, someone could have said you didn’t do well, but never let someone say that you didn’t try.