Berlin Wall Replica Built at South Forsyth High School


Students and staff from the German and arts program constructed a replica of the Berlin Wall on Tuesday, November 5, 2019, at South Forsyth High School to commemorate the 30th anniversary of its destruction.

The Berlin Wall was built on August 13, 1961, to separate West and East Berlin. The wall was created by the communist party in East Germany to separate themselves from West Germany, who were democratic at the time. The wall was torn down in November 1991.

Students from the school have had mixed reviews about the wall being constructed at their school.

“I thought it was interesting and cool because it showed how Germany was divided, and it was kind of like a prototype of the wall,” said a student from South.

While some students looked at the wall from an educational perspective, many other students had different views.

“There were traffic jams, and everyone had to find new routes to get to their classes faster. The choice of placement was very bad,” stated another student from South.

Although students disagreed on whether the wall was convenient or not, the ultimate purpose of building it was to commemorate the destruction of the Berlin Wall in Germany and celebrate reunion of families that were separated by its construction.