Lambert administrators promoted to principal positions


Assistant Principal Cannizzaro offers papers with details about the upcoming Alliance Academy for Innovation. She has been involved in the planning and developing of the new school of which she will become Principal when it opens.

Ms. Cannizzaro holds up a sign detailing plans for the future Alliance Academy for Innovation.

As Forsyth County continues to grow, the number of schools increases as well. With these new schools comes new staff, some who come from our own school.

Vice Principals Bibik and Cannizzaro have accepted jobs as Principal at Riverwatch and the new Alliance Academy for Innovation, respectively.

Cannizzaro has been the CTAE pathway administrator at Lambert for the past three years. Her experience has led to her involvement in the development, planning, and growth of the Alliance Academy for Innovation.

The Alliance Academy for Innovation is described as a career-centered school because the different pathways are focused on “high growth, high demand, and high wage” jobs, according to Cannizzaro. The pathways offered include the school of criminal justice, the school of healthcare and first responders, the school of hospitality and design, the school of mechatronics and energy, and the school of aerospace and logistics.

The school plans to open in 2018 and is looking for current 7th and 8th graders. Cannizzaro is currently working at both the Academy and Lambert, but will be leaving Lambert next year to fully take on the planning, hiring, and staffing of the Academy.     

Bibik also now works at both Lambert and Riverwatch as she is making the transition to Riverwatch principal though she is officially Lambert. She has worked at Lambert for 7 years before she decided that she needed a “new adventure.”

Ms. Bibik sits in her office before heading to Riverwatch for the rest of the day.

“What happens is they post if you’re interested in applying for any principal position, then you do an online application and, y’know, you follow all those steps. You submit that (I submitted that sometime in December) and they choose applicants and those applicants all come in and they interview them. Then, they look at all their open positions and as those positions come up, from that pool of applicants, they make offers,” Bibik says, explaining how she got the job.

As for the future, she plans to first learn about Riverwatch and the people who make it.

She then hopes to work on the new H3 program (healthy, happy, and heart), which helps students go beyond traditional subjects so that they can learn to be more healthy and more prepared for real-world situations.

“I’ve been at Lambert for seven years,” Bibik revealed, “so doing something new and having a new adventure is truly exciting.”