Lambert Dance Company showcases a Kaleidoscopic performance


In the dance ROYGBIV, the company performs grand jetés in flowing dresses.

The Lambert Dance Company amazed the audience during the opening night of their new show, Kaleidoscope, last Thursday. The performance showcased a variety of different dances, from very somber to very lively dances, all centered on the theme of a kaleidoscope and colors. The show differentiates itself from their previous show, Emotions, not just in the theme of the show, but in the more hip-hop-oriented style.

“Every show is really different because we always have different themes and we always try to coordinate our dances to the themes and it’s really fun to see the new ideas everyone can bring to the different themes we do,” junior Megan Werner explains the differences between this show and others that have come before.

The Dance Company came up with the idea of Kaleidoscope during a meeting after the previous performance. After the officers gave ideas for a new theme, the Company voted and the idea of Kaleidoscope was born. From that theme came dances such as the colorful ROYGBIV and the more somber Purple Heart.

“There’s one dance… It’s called Gray Area, I’m in it. It’s a song by Sia…. and we wear duct tape on our mouth and there’s this one really cool part in the dance where we peel the duct tape off and the sound just goes silent and we all just go, ‘[gasping sound],’” says ninth grader Olivia Nogales about one of her dances.

Breathtaking performances such as Gray Area are put together with great dedication and effort from the dancers. The Dance Company not only puts in weekly Tuesday and Saturday practices but has separate practices for individual dances. This does not include tech week, where dancers stay every day after school until eight to prepare for the show.

Their hard work is rewarded when they perform three nights in a week to show off their creativity and talent with Kaleidoscope. The Company amazed the audience with a wide array of performances that exhibit different dancers’ skills and the beauty of every single dance.

“I love seeing it all come together at the end,” says Hayley Franco, the Dance Company’s Outreach Coordinator, “all the hard work and dedication all the members put into it and just how fun it is because, after so much pressure of having to get it right, get ready, be good for the show, in the end, you can just perform.”