Lanier Tech Lands a Win!!

Christopher Findley, Opinions Editor

It’s no secret to those who have started looking for colleges to apply to that getting accepted into a top tier, four-year college can be difficult at points. The University of Georgia (perhaps the most prominent public college in the state) accepts an average student with a 3.9 GPA and an 1800 SAT score, without full AP bumps on final grades (essentially meaning that your GPA is most likely lower than what Lambert tells you it is). There will be a significant portion of your graduating class that will be attending a two-year college before transferring into an undergraduate school, due to their lack of credentials to attend one straight out of high school. Popular choices are Georgia State or even, right here in Forsyth County, Lanier Technical Institute.
Recent data broke down school size across the nation and determined that Lanier Tech was in 2,500-4,999 category, which was the second smallest out of four categories for student body populations. Last year, student enrollment increased by 5.6 percent, increasing from 3,389 new students in 2012 to 3,579 students in 2013.
This is important because it helps to make Lanier Tech a more prominent figure in the education landscape. Areas rely significantly on educational centers for success, and often the quality of education is strongly correlated to the wealth of the area. Property taxes are spent on public schooling, which then allows for better learning opportunities for students who can continue the wealth that their parents obtained. While Lanier Tech isn’t a public college, having Forsyth county possess a successful and growing institute allows for more viable options for local students seeking success after primary education.
So if you have to attend a two-year college before you continue onto your collegial experience, don’t worry too much about it. You have an ever-increasing platter of options to choose from.