Parks and Rec Final Season

Jordan Meaker, Center Stage Editor

As far as comedy TV shows go, success is a toss-up. Producing a quality comedy television show requires an in depth knowledge of your audience and a script that’s witty enough to avoid clichés, yet accessible to the masses of TV consumers. Lucky for comedy fans everywhere, NBC has hit the mark with their show Parks and Recreation. Parks and Rec has it all: lovable characters, an enthralling plot, and a script that’s out-of-this-world hilarious. It has captivated millions of watchers who are anticipating a satisfying ending to the series.
For those who haven’t seen the show, Parks and Rec tells the story Leslie Knope, the Deputy Parks Director for the town of Pawnee, Indiana. Leslie, played by Amy Poehler, is an avid go-getter bent on making her town a better place. Leslie’s enthusiastic planning sometimes gets on the nerves of her boss, Ron Swanson, a man’s man who likes, “Pretty, dark-haired women and breakfast food.” Other employees of Pawnee’s Parks Department include Tom Haverford, owner of Rent-a-Swag and an animated dreamer, April Ludgate, an apathetic, sarcastic intern, and Andy Dwyer, a bumbling, lovable goof. The show follows the various goings-on in the department and the employee’s lives and is filmed in a faux-documentary style similar to The Office. The clever jokes and perfect chemistry within the cast are trademarks of this beloved show.
Parks and Recreation had faced some difficulty with ratings in its first few seasons, and executive producer Michael Schur joked, “at least four times I’ve written what I thought might be a series finale.” But regardless of the show’s rocky start, it has no doubt rocketed into the genre of great comedy television shows. After many award nominations, and even a Golden Globe for Amy Poehler, the show is wrapping up with a shorter, 13-episode season. The last season of Parks and Rec, season 6, launched its characters three years into the future, which is sure to make for an entertaining season 7. The season premiere of Parks and Recreation aired on Tuesday, January 13th on NBC.