Students go to Perry, Georgia for HOSA Fall Rally


On October 13, about 2,940 Georgia HOSA members gathered together in historic Perry, Georgia for the HOSA Fall Rally.

Photo One: Lambert HOSA students are gathered as they wait for the Opening Ceremony.


Members of Lambert’s HOSA met at the school at 6:15 in the morning, bleary-eyed and ready for the three hour bus ride. After taking the HOSA Statesmen Test and attending the Opening Ceremony, they had fun at the State Fair until 4:30. After stopping for dinner, the students continued on their bus ride home.

Photo Two: Freshman Suhani Maudrapu and Archana Baskaran wait for the Opening Ceremony to begin by conversing with one another. 

Once they get to the fair, students took the HOSA Statesman Test on the history and facts about HOSA. The test recognized members who understood the importance of the organization.

HOSA President-Elect, Kaylee Blount, said that: “Georgia HOSA has the reputation for being the most enthusiastic… state organization.” This was shown with the enthusiasm that students had at the Opening Ceremony.

Photo Three: HOSA students from all over the state flood into the building for the Opening Ceremony.


During this ceremony, the HOSA State Officers spoke to the students about issues they were dealing with this year. This included their project for the next two years, NAMI, or the National Alliance for Mental Illness. HOSA gave awards for the Chapter Promotional Video, HOSA T-shirt contest, and most new members. There was also a motivational speaker, Rhett Laubach, who talked to the students about taking what life throws at you.

Photo Four: HOSA Officer, Hailey Giannotti, directs the students to cheer for Lambert.


Afterwards, the students went on  dizzying rides and ate greasy food before heading to the buses to make their way home.

HOSA students wait for a turn on the anti-gravity ride at the State Fair.