6 College Dorm Essentials You Didn’t Know You Needed

Imagine of college dorm room, courtesy of Flickr

Imagine of college dorm room, courtesy of Flickr

With less than a month of school left for the class of 2023, many students have begun committing to colleges, finding roommates and making their college checklist. Packing for college can be a difficult and overwhelming process. Students often overlook items considered household staples while on the move and end up stranded later on. Here are 6 dorm room essentials you need to put on your packing list. 

Power Strips

A commonly forgotten item that is essential for dorm life is a power strip. Dorm rooms are often only equipped with a few electrical outlets, which can be insufficient for the average college student. Power strips not only allow students to connect multiple devices to electricity at once, they also protect users against power surges and eliminate the need for multiple extension cords. Connecting a multitude of appliances to extension cords, also known as daisy chaining, exposes students to electrical hazards. Wires can easily overheat, spark or fail, leading to an electrical fire. Power strips offer reliable, safe and convenient access to electricity making them essential for dorm rooms. 

Laundry Hamper

Laundry hampers are a must-have item for college living when it comes to storing dirty clothes. Most college dorms are crowded with limited space available. Without a proper place to dispose of them, dirty laundry can become a hassle for students leading to an unkept living space. Hampers offer a compact solution to reduce clutter, allowing students to maintain a tidy environment. Purchasing a hamper with handles or wheels provides additional convenience when transporting clothes to laundry facilities. Laundry detergent is another item to consider purchasing when moving into college. Oftentimes, laundry facilities do not provide detergent, dryer sheets or softener therefore these items must be bought separately. 

Clip on Fan

Most dorm rooms lack proper ventilation, resulting in stale air and heat buildup, creating an uncomfortable environment for students. This situation can be avoided with the implementation of a clip-on or tabletop fan. Additional fans can promote healthy airflow, making the space more comfortable as well as reducing humidity and preventing mold growth. Fans can also act as a white noise machine, creating a calming environment for study and sleep. 

Hand-Held Vacuum Cleaner 

A hand-held vacuum cleaning is the perfect solution for cleaning up small messes that are often created in dorm rooms. Crumbs, spilled drinks, dirt and debris can often accumulate in the shared living spaces, resulting in a grimy environment. The portability of these vacuums allows students to clean up their mess quickly and efficiently. They are space efficient, requiring little to no storage space which is ideal when staying in a dorm. 

Mattress Topper

Dorm room mattresses are often uncomfortable, leading to a poor night’s sleep. Purchasing a new mattress is often outside the budget of students and might not be permitted by the institution. A cost efficient solution to this problem is to purchase a mattress topper. Mattress toppers can enhance the comfort of the mattress by adding cushion and support. Dorm rooms aren’t always hygienic, so a mattress topper can act as a barrier against germs, sweat and allergens.

Shower Caddy/Shoes

Most college students share communal bathrooms. Keeping personal hygiene supplies organized and accessible can be easily hindered in this environment. Shower caddies provide a convenient and compact way to store toiletries of all kinds. Another helpful item is a pair of  shower shoes. Shower shoes are necessary to prevent foot infections and bacterial growth caused by walking barefoot on wet floors shared by multiple individuals. Wearing these shoes helps maintain cleanliness and personal hygiene