A first-generation American’s look at the “muslim ban”


Photo taken by Vani Bhogaraju

A quick shot of Mahima Siripurapu (author of the article) with some new friends in front of the Great Pyramid of Giza, in Egypt, a country with a muslim majority.

Mahima Siripurapu, Editor-in-Chief

I grew up in Georgia. I grew up in a conservative suburb an hours drive from the hospital in Atlanta where I was born. I grew up in a neighborhood that was empty on Sunday mornings, where my best friend brought me rosaries from church. I grew up watching Spongebob Squarepants, and eating Lunchables. I grew up cheering for the little league teams, and chomping down my fair share of apple pie.

I grew up learning how to cook with turmeric, and how to play the Veena. I grew up learning what it’s like to try to tame your thick hair with coconut oil in an attempt to blend in. I grew up ashamed that I was wearing Indian clothing while my friends dressed in the latest fashion. I grew up trying to understand the difference between the temple and the church.

I grew up embracing two cultures that were worlds apart, trying to learn how to fuse them together to create an identity so unique. I grew into a proud woman of color, the daughter of an immigrant.

I am a proud supporter of gay rights, women’s rights, refugee asylum, human rights. I am a proud supporter of advocating for what you believe is true. I am an individual who believes personal identity is derived from the culture you grow up in not the color of your skin, not the radical views of a minority in the country listed on your passport. I am an individual who stands firmly against the new legislation prohibiting immigrants from 7 primarily muslim nations.

I am upset that the country I live in is choosing to work against these ideals. I am angry that the voice of millions is being ignored. I am distraught that the children of my generation will have to read about these times in their history books. I am hoping that those around me can realize what changes are occurring.

I am distraught that many people do not realize that more terrorists are from America than the countries in Donald Trump’s “muslim ban”. I am frustrated that 5 year old children are being separated from their mothers to be detained. I am enraged that our government officials are not at a firm conclusion on what’s happening in our country.

I am an American citizen hoping her voice will be heard.


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